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Our Story

Tacos run in our family...

For 28 years, the Reyna Family has been serving authentic mexican flavors to the city of San Angelo. Rosa Reyna and Felipe Reyna, Sr. owned Reynas BBQ on 19th street, a well known Barbacoa and Breakfast burrito spot here in San Angelo. 

In 2018, Anna & Orlando Reyna bought a small taco truck in hopes to create a future for their family, and hit the downtown streets of San Angelo, bringing mouthwatering street tacos to the public. From weekends parked outside the bar district in Downtown San Angelo, to our new and set location on Abe Street, our Family has worked to make not just good food but a great place for people to come and enjoy the ambience of an eatery in the big city. 

From our Family to Yours, we promise to always stand by the quality of the food and experience you will have here at Reynas Tacos. Stop by, Say Hello and we Thank you for Supporting Local Small Business!

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